Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Responces for the recent flood

In a flood situation, is there any extension of the coupon validity?
CouCafe asked all shops. Each shop's offer are different. Please see detail below.
Pro You: 31st Jan
BISTRO 19: 15th Dec
Tacos & Salsa: 31st Nov
Mezza: 22nd Jan
Chez Pépin: 31st Jan (restaurant is closed till 14th Dec)
Kalaya Spa: 30th Nov
Cool Chilli: 31st Jan
Playerz: 23rd Jan
Food by Phone: 31st Dec
Pizzeria da Luigi: 15th Dec
Park Plaza cooking school: 13th Jan
Tutti Fruitti: 3rd Dec
Ma-Cool-Ya: 20th Nov
UCC: 31st Jan
Can I purchase voucher normally, or not?
Customers can purchase voucher normally and send your payment to or call 0827777500.
Can I still use voucher in the flooding situation?
Yes,You can use voucher in this situation that be used valid period to according condition each voucher. For who have a flood area and cannot be used a voucher in period time, Please let shop know your request directly, and shall be determined by each merchant. CouCafe cannot be extended time or decide instead each merchants. We are apologize for any inconvenience.

About CouCafe

What is CouCafe?
CouCafe is a group coupon-based shopping site where you save more by buying as a group. Discounted coupons become available when a lot of people gather to make the same purchase. In order to spread the word about out site, we have prepared some unbelievable coupon prices! So get your wallet handy!
Start receiving notification e-mails and enjoy a rich Bangkok experience! *1
Who operates CouCafe?
CouCafe is operated by CouCafe Co., Ltd. CouCafe Co., Ltd. is the Thailand subsidiary of OCLCOM Inc. (Japan).

Order and Payment

Why is it so inexpensive?
CouCafe works by having a large number of members participate in group purchases of Deals and by having a lot of people introduced to our site. If a Deal is purchased by a large number of members, it could lead to new Deals from other stores!
Why do you only present one Deal per day?
By presented our members with one Deal each day, we are able to offer our service at the best price available to a large number of people.
What types of payment methods are available?
We accept PayPal, credit cards*1, and bank transfers.
By when does payment have to be made?
<PayPal or Credit cards>
At the same time requesting the Deal, you can make your payment immediately. If the Deal fails to meet transaction conditions, your money will be refunded.

<Bank transfers>
If the Deal fails to meet transaction conditions, you will not be able to make payment on the deal. After transaction conditions are met, you will receive an e-mail containing payment instructions.
If transaction conditions have been met already at the time you request the deal, you can make payment right away.
How long are Coupons available for purchase?
This depends on the usage conditions of each coupon. If usage conditions have not be specified, you can use the coupon at any time.
Can I give a Coupon to a friend?
I accidently sent the wrong amount for payment via bank transfer. What should I do?
Please contact us via the Contact Us page.
I paid via bank transfer but my payment has not been reflected. What should I do?
In general, payments are reflected on the My Coupons page by the next business day.
In the unlikely event your payment is not reflected, please inquire via the Contact Us page.
What is the payment deadline for payments made by bank transfer?
Please complete the transfer within 24 hours following the end of the Deal purchasing period. After making payment, please send us a copy of the transfer receipt via e-mail or fax.
I am concerned about entering my credit card information...
Credit card information is routed through an encrypted page and processed via PayPal.
Rest assured as CouCafe handles absolutely no credit card information.
In addition to payment via credit card, you also may pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Receiving Coupons

How do I receive the Coupon? How do I use the Coupon?
You can print out your Coupon from our website.
You can print the Coupon as many times as necessary but a single Coupon can only be used 1 time.
When can the Coupon be used?
It depends on each Coupon. Make sure you check the usage conditions (Fine Print) of each Coupon.
Can I cancel a Deal?
If you have yet to make payment, you can cancel a Deal at any time. After payment is made and a Coupon has been issued, you cannot cancel a Deal.
The store has gone out of business. Can I get a refund for my Coupon?
If a store goes out of business, the full amount of the Coupon will be refunded. Please inquire from the Contact Us page.

Announcement e-mails and member registration

I want to stop receiving announcement e-mails.
You can change the settings for receiving announcement e-mails from your My Account page.

Businesses wishes to list their Deals

I want to list my Deal on CouCafe.
Please inquire from the Contact Us page.
Customer Support
CouCafe Co., Ltd.
TEL: 02-664-0058
MOBILE: 082-777-7500
FAX: 02-664-3117
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM ONLY

For queries beyond office hours, weekends and holidays, kindly email us at
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